Willow Brook

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First thing that comes to mind: Family Neighborhood.  This is the kind of neighborhood we all remember as children.  Lots of families, a park with a pond, some sidewalks, and a baseball field.  Willow Brook is perfect for young families just starting out, as well as the empty nesters who still love the sounds of children playing, and school buses passing through.  The development is located at the north end of Silverthorne and offers Buffalo and Red Mountains as its' backdrop.  You will find single family homes, duplexes, and triplexes intertwined with each other towards the entrance to the development and then more single family homes situated on larger lots as you move further into the neighborhood.  Prices really cover a huge range: from around $450k all the way up into the $700's. 

This subdivision is located within just a quarter mile of the Silverthorne Elementary School and just about two miles to the town recreation center.  It is also one of the best neighborhoods in the county for Trick or Treating! (just so you know). 

So, if you enjoy the neighborhood feel, and are looking for a more moderate lifestyle...Willow Brook may be the neighborhood to take a closer look at.

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